What Does An Angel With Black Wings Mean?

Well to a n angel with black wings is very symbolic. It means that you aren't perfect. Angels are inevitably perfect. Nothing can change that fact and the black wings symbolize imperfections. Showing that everyone makes mistakes and its okay to make mistakes. But I want to know what you think it means. :[)

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17 Responses to What Does An Angel With Black Wings Mean?

  1. cursed_s

    I think you are stereotyping angels. What makes you think they are only white? The people of the world come in different colors as do animals and so why would angels be white?
    Black does not neceseraly mean bad. Black is used to repel bad energy. So black is good. For all you know that angel was protective. I think perhaps we should get out noses out of books in which we are told how things are and not be afraid to think a little. Be creative and imaginative and do not be afraid to wonder why we do the things we do, why we believe the things we believe.
    Angels are beings of light. They do not harm people and actually i question this story about lucifer. I do not believe it because I for one was not there. I cannot make any decisions on something I didnt see. There are spirits who sometimes lie but they must tell you the truth if you demand it from what I know. Besides black is a beautiful color because god created it (as he did everything else)

  2. PurpleVa

    I agree with you symbolism about the black wings. That it does symbolize imperfections. I believe that using the black wings, we can relate the angels with black wings to human beings who “fell off the right path”
    It reinforces the fact that not everyone is perfect and that puts a fine line between a human being living here on earth and an angel. Also i think it reinforcing the teaching of repentance and to always ask God for his forgiveness. So that people that stumbled off their right paths to get back on.

  3. Shadow Storm ☥ Witch ✡ Healer ☯

    Angels aren’t perfect. Lucifer was once an angel and praise and worship instruments were prepared for him when he was created. Some angels are winged, including the seraphim and the cherubim but most of them appear as man. I don’t know where the concept of black winged angels came from?
    Do not forget to entertain strangers, for by so doing some have unwittingly entertained angels. (Heb. 13:2)

  4. My account has been compromised!

    either its a really dirty angel that hasnt bathed for weeks or that angel got stuck in a cloud of ash but seriously though i kind of agree with what bloodsanctum said i once saw a pic of lucifer/satan and he had black wings so it’d make sense if it meant the devil or one of his minions, in which case it’d probably be a rogue angel rebelling against god still what you said also makes sense an angel that isnt perfect then again the only thing that’s perfect is god himself…..

  5. Dragon of the West

    To be honest, I always thought of angels with black wings as the symbol of misfits. Those that aren’t perfect, and have their flaws marked clearly, thus allowing everyone to know there is something wrong with them. That has just been my opinion for as long as I can remember.

  6. Jessica

    God, in his attempts for better marketing to the younger generation is offering wings in different exchangable colors.
    I want one that matches my Ipod.

  7. Seriousl

    I would think it’s one of Satan’s followers, seeing how Satan himself was once an angel.

  8. bloodsan

    Nice girl that can sometimes be “naughty”.

  9. Frank

    Azrael, angel of Death, has black wings. (He’s not evil, by the way)

  10. Lyn

    It means the angel hasn’t been through the “Wing-wash” lately.

  11. The Wizard.

    a person who is all of one in mind, body & spirit

  12. Nicole W

    A black angel represents the angel of death where the white angel represents peace and happiness

  13. Michael

    It does not need to mean anything. Just that this angel’s wings are black.

    In western culture black is seen as dark, even evil, and representing death. In other cultures white is seen that way and black is a sign of innocence.

    Everyone’s wings are different. The artistic interpretations of angels as all having white wings is misleading and unrealistic.

    white does not represent perfect. nor are angels perfect. they are just as flawed as humans, the only major difference is that humans were created without a particular purpose and given free will where as angels created with purpose and need to find free will on their own.

    angels have powers that humans lack, but humans have abilities that angels lack.

  14. Alisa

    I have seen an angel with black wings. Her ( yes, a female ) body was illuminated, her energy was pure, loving, protective and strong. There was nothing evil about her nor did I associate her with the devil which is a word that I don’t even like to use in my vocabulary! Don’t fear or judge the unknowns. Just because black wing’s are different does not mean that they are evil. There are a lot of things that are black, including the night and they’re not evil. I guess what I’m trying to get across is, until we really know the meaning behind something we shouldn’t jump to conclusions, especially one’s about lucifer.
    Sending love and Blessings!

  15. unnamed

    well we were in church and i look over at my cuz and her hand was out i asked her what she was doing and she said she was holding an angel hand she said he had black wings and his name was gabriel then the chandelier stared to shake and the picture of jesus fell. an at home in the middle of the night my cuz got up but she was still sleeping walked in the other room then about 5-10 mins later i hared a big boom and my uncle her dad wake up and he went to see what happen and my cuz was still sound asleep. CREEPY

  16. Catherine

    I had a reiki reading, And it was me singing the song from the prince of egypt underneath a tree singing there can be mericles when you believe,,,, Suddenly gigantic black wings appeared at my back in the reading… This is one of my favorate songs…. Which contradicts all the negative I hear about people with black wings. I believe myself to be a spiritual person whom trys to follow christ example… Most people feel I am a good person. But yet I still had that reiki reading…. So it kind of scares me when people say they are deomonic…. I think the point is that we try are best to strive for what is right and what gets us closer to god and his love.

  17. Viki

    I don’t believe that black wings means there bad or imperfect. The only thing that is perfect is God meaning all angels are imperfect. I agree with Dragon of the West that it is the symbol of a misfit. Black is a beautiful color a mix of all colors. If anything an angel with black wings is enlightened. I hate that people see them as evil. I once had a dream I saw an angel with black wings and when I followed her I realized I was looking at myself. Does this make me evil or bad. No.
    Blessings, Viki

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