Demons possess people? What about angels, is there such a thing as angelic possession?

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16 Responses to Demons possess people? What about angels, is there such a thing as angelic possession?

  1. parkituse j


  2. Born-again DEPRESSED™

    Yes. My Angel-like hotness is proof of it!


  3. ultramatem

    They call it “anointed with the holy ghost”.

  4. Noam "B- = JD" Depix

    No. A demon and an angel aren’t the same beings. Demons aren’t “fallen angels.”

  5. sandg94

    You can be filled with the Holy Spirit

  6. strawberry

    i believe angels can be on earth. They are just nice lovely people I wouldnt call it possesion though I would say it was a blessing.

  7. Satan Lord of Flames

    I remember reading an article about this years ago. In the Middle ages there was a belief that Angels could and sometimes did posses people much in the same way that demons are supposed to. What these angels did is up for debate but they were expelled in the same way that demons were.

    I will ring your doorbell and run away!!!

  8. IDrum4Life

    Think of people like Ghandi and Princess Diana and Mother Theresa. It is possible for all they did for mankind that they were possessed by angels.

  9. sarahღ

    demons are of satan = bad
    angels are of God= good
    why would an angel that is good want to ”possess” someone
    well, i guess when you’re a christian the Holy Spirit comes to live inside of you but it doesnt take over your body just gives you strong convictions like a spiritual conscionse(sp.)

  10. Kris D

    I’m sure there is. Isn’t Demonic possession brought on by the devils temptation? Angels wouldn’t need to tempt people.

  11. The Mormon Kid

    Yes there is. When those who are worthy and are in need of help, the spirit will come to them so fully that none can place their hands upon the person who has this spirit. Also, the spirit can control/influence the tounges of those who are preaching the gospel

  12. Donald

    that would be nice. I doubt that demons can possess people either since a demon is just an anology for dark human tendencies. Angels on the other hand are actual beings.

  13. C. L. Richardson

    Yes, demons can possess people but only when the person opens themself to the possibility of possession. (They can do this knowingly or unknowingly, usually through “harmless” occult practices and meditation.) God’s angels do not possess people, but the Holy Spirit (God) himself inhabits or, if you want to stretch it, “possesses” followers of Christ. All born again Christians have the Holy Spirit inside them, but they still control whether or not to respond to the Spirit’s urging. It’s not a mindless possession like demon possession seems to be.

    Hope that helps. :)

  14. PrincessOfGod

    As a child of God, or Christian, we are given something similar but much greater than angelic possesion….we are given the Holy Spirit. This is also accessible for non Christians, through acceptance of salvation through Jesus Christ. The Holy Spirit is powerful, more powerful than all the angels combined. And through the Holy Spirit (or Baptism of the Holy Spirit, see “Day of Pentecost” in the bible) we are given all the signs and wonders of God, such as gifts of healing, gift of tongues, and many more God honoring gifts. These are the tools that God intends for us to use against the demons and schemes of Satan. He also intends for us to use this holy and wonderful gifts to glorify Him and what His Son Jesus did for us to be able to posses such divine power.

    God bless you, and I hope that I answered your question well enough. Feel to free to ask more if you are still confused : )

  15. The Raven

    Actually, demons are angels. But they are fallen angels who no longer do the will of God.

    Usually when we say “angels” though, we are referring to the ones in Heaven who are obedient to God and serve Him. We know that they guard us and help us, but they would not actually take over our bodies, nor would they have a sufficient reason. They only carry out the will of God.

  16. Isolde

    Not exactly. Demons want but never will have a body. They want to take over our lives and deprive us of choices. Until I take drugs I have a choice. Once I am addicted, I have no choice.

    Heavenly Father wants us to have agency, a choice. When we soften our hearts, His Spirit may speak us. When we receive the Gift of the Holy Ghost, we may have Him to be a constant companion

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